A Comprehensive Solution for Your Facility

Our mission is to create the highest quality Continued Care Retirement Community (CCRC) available for seniors. As leaders in the Senior Wellness & Therapy Markets, we promise to be with you every step of the way. We also guarantee a solid commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction!

The SPH Difference
Unlike any other fitness center found within the community, Senior Performance Health creates the opportunity to involve multiple avenues of revenue including senior strength classes, reimbursement from rehabilitative therapy, restorative care (nursing), balance and fall prevention programs, gait training, and aerobic components.

Therapy for the Body & Mind

The SPH program can be implemented through multiple avenues, such as: rehabilitation, activity, and/or exercise therapy classes.  On the senior campus, SPH can be integrated through the physical therapy model, with restorative and active aging classes. SPH is an active approach, specifically implemented for the senior, which helps to maintain strength, balance, ambulation, and cardiovascular wellness, designed to be used in a controlled and documented environment.

The SPH program can be used in conjunction with physical therapy. We also aid the facility in increasing their revenues through medical reimbursement and community memberships. SPH equipment is designed to collect data and document patient and resident outcomes, and helps senior patients gain and maintain their independence once rehabilitative therapy has been completed.


Complete Care

INPATIENT Therapy Care
SPH works with inpatient care and allows for continuous therapy through our classes, which strengthen the resident and improve their overall health.

SPH works with outpatient care and allows for therapy patients to utilize our equipment while under the care of a therapist. This enables the facility to generate new revenues through both outpatient care and wellness center memberships.

Wellness Center Benefits

SPH wellness centers are equipped with the best products available. Our equipment encourages seniors to remain active, alleviates the fear of working out, and reduces the potential for injury. SPH has done the research—evaluating and determining which equipment is the most successful for improving senior health. Creating consistently used senior wellness centers is paramount to SPH.

We have learned that a typical CCRC resident can benefit tremendously from having a wellness center at the same facility.  Not only does it  provide convenience for independent seniors, it also creates an avenue for dependent seniors who have now made enough progress to work outside the therapy model.

Existing SPH wellness centers have shown a substantial increase in community memberships from residents who live off-campus.


Tailor-Made Evaluations

The consultation process is one of the most crucial steps in creating a successful CCRC, and a well-utilized wellness center. Our SPH team of professionals will assist your staff from the beginning steps to the opening of your  facility, to ensure that every phase is completed in a timely manner. Based on a thorough evaluation of the size of your facility, the number of residents, surrounding areas, and other factors, we will recommend the best layout for your senior living community.

We select only the best equipment brands available within the senior market. Once we have created a comprehensive list of specific senior-friendly equipment, we will meet with your staff to ensure that all the individual needs of your residents are met. Proper equipment is critical to the success of the therapeutic wellness center.


Eliminating common problems
Our extensive knowledge of the senior market allows SPH to help our customers eliminate some of the most common problems associated with building a CCRC facility.

Our CCRC facilities are able to offer better functionality for seniors because they are designed with:

  • A well-balanced Equipment to Resident Ratio
  • Senior-Friendly Equipment that minimizes Injury Risks
  • Innovative technology that increases senior independence
  • A Comfortable, engaging, and uplifting designed environment
  • Functional layouts and designs which increase maximum use of multiple residents without causing or creating flow issues by users


Your Facility at a Glance

We utilize state of the art 3D CAD software to create illustrations which showcase the space design layouts. These drawings help customers make informed planning decisions prior to beginning the build-out.

To maximize your performance and revenue potentials, an SPH design team will work with you to review your project blueprints and recommend space layouts. This creates functionality, efficient user flow, and the most appropriate mix of equipment.

Electrical Layout
An SPH professional will further recommend the best placement for equipment by creating an Electrical Layout diagram.  Electrical outages and burned fuse boxes from power outages are common problems when a wellness center is not set up properly.  SPH will provide your architects with an Electrical Layout diagram in advance to specify where heavier machinery should go.

Bringing You the Best of the Best

We offer a comprehensive variety of therapeutic and wellness equipment for the senior market, many of which SPH carries exclusively. Our products are all chosen with seniors’ specific needs and requirements in mind.

With many years of research and hands-on experience, we have worked with specific manufacturers and have selected only products and brands which match the needs of seniors and their fitness levels. Our selected brands are the best products available and create results, minimize injuries, and produce continued engagement and use by residents.


“White Glove” Service

As a part of our commitment, we will remain with you every step of the way until your CCRC facility is complete – no dock to dock freight services, no third party delivery companies.

Our highly trained team will assure that each piece of equipment is delivered without damage, professionally set-up, and installed in your facility.  Our SPH delivery team also removes all packaging, and the materials are properly removed and disposed of.  Our team will test each piece of equipment to ensure that all the equipment is functional and in working order.  If there is ever a problem of any kind with a machine, it will be immediately tested and replaced if necessary!


Now that your wellness center is completed, our team will train your staff regarding the proper use and safety features of each piece of equipment. Our training is not limited to staff members only, but our team will return to train and answer any questions your residents have regarding the equipment as needed.

Helping you make better decisions

Our Equipment Utilization Assessment document helps each of our customers track and determine the use of all their equipment. This document helps our customers to assess their equipment utilization quickly and identify which pieces of equipment the residents use consistently. It also helps customers make informed decisions regarding future equipment purchases. This document also helps customers create better residential training opportunities. In some cases, the information from the document confirms the decision to replace unused equipment with new equipment, which may include NEW technology and design improvements. The document indicates that the equipment is in working order and usage is maximized. Healthy active residents ensure that your community is full of healthy individuals.

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